My Journey During the Pandemic from Design to Consulting ​​​​​​​

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My Journey During The Pandemic

As we come up upon the two year anniversary of the Pandemic of 2019 I look back on my professional journey and where it has taken me.  Its been a difficult time, but also a time of great learning as well as appreciation of family support within our four person unit and the much larger extended family.
Things I have learned about myself from a professional perspective:
1.  My creativity diminishes when assigned a timeline.  I loved designing websites and am proud of the work I have done.  There is an internal stress created when you must provide creativity on demand.  Somehow being creative becomes ridiculously hard for me under these constraints.
2.  I LOVE learning!  I dont mean I like to read a book about something new to learn about it every once in a while.  Its almost like a primal need for me to be learning all the time.  I have known that I can learn to do anything I want to if I set my mind to it,  (Like design or coding) but when I need to learn something to help a client my learning curve is short and the process is still very fulfilling.
3.  I am an Operator in business - almost like it is in my DNA and I cannot escape it.  Every business I participate in is viewed through my operations lens.  Without even thinking about it I immediately see inconsistancies and  outliers in process and financials.  A list of questions form automatically in the back of my mind that I want to ask and learn about.
Where has my creativity taken me?

Textiles cleaning and care
Designing websites 
Coding websites in html 5 and CSS
Designing brand elements 
Adobe Creative Studio
Creating art to sell & product marketing
Social Media Marketing & Twitter
Website performance analysis
Using telecom software to create business phone systems
Business Models in rental and event planning 
Search Engine Optimization and Keywords
What I Learned About Others

1.  Women are starting small businesses like myself in record numbers.  Folks can be exceptional people and run highly successful businesses without understanding their financials or standard business best practices.  Many have no idea what success looks like or if they are being successful.
2.  Asking for help in a business is very difficult.  When there are things you dont understand about your business and dont know how to go about working through it, the stress level is high.  On the other end, when you find help that you trust, it is a huge relief and can be enough to make you cry.
3.  Scammers and Fraudsters are becoming more and more savvy and are attacking folks via the internet at an increasingly alarming rate through email.  I would venture to estimate that every email in the US is attacked a minimum of three times a day and as many as 20 times a day. (My gut estimates are probably conservative.)  Our email and spam filters cannot keep up.
Where I Go From Here

My business services and my goals have morphed into something different than I expected but really exciting to me!
My business focus going forward is helping people run healthy businesses.  Improving business health through analysis and actions to make them thrive. I serve clients running small businesses that need help understanding financials, processes and ways they can improve their business health.​​​​​​​
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